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The ArmOR Hand Protective Glove™

April, 2016 | Werle Creative
Categories: Branding | Illustration | Logo Design | Web Design

Client: The ArmorHand Protective Glove


Logo Design, Website Design, Patent Drawings

Case Details:


The ArmOR Hand Gloves offer superior dexterity, allowing proper & safe animal restraint, as well as the ability to perform procedures. Whether you are a veterinarian, volunteer rescue worker, or groomer – anyone who handles animals – can benefit from The ArmOR Hand Gloves.

Working with Intellectual Patent Law Firms such as The Webb Law Firm, we have the opportunity to help attorneys visualize the written aspect of an IP application. In this case, we illustrated the IP drawings for The ArmOR Hand Gloves. Every now and then we have the privilege of working with the inventor directly to help establish their Brand Identity and much more. Check out our IP work.

Working closely with ArmOR Hand Gloves, we produced a strong visual Brand Identity. As a protective glove, we wanted to design a logo that was exemplified strength, usability and protection. In addition to logo design, we also provided glove design consultation, helping establish a strong product design and supporting the new Logo Design.

  • ArmOR-Hand-Glove


  • Armorhand-brand-2


  • AH_Icon_RGB


  • Armorhand-brand-1


  • AH_Logo_RGB


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