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Graphic Design

Trinity Parts Featured Image

Trinity Parts

Trinity Parts is a newly formed business that encompasses five companies and their capabilities. Werle Creative was tasked with developing a new Brand Identity, marketing materials and other collateral. Our initial needs analysis told us that Trinity Parts brand identity’s strength would be pulled from the current equity of their parent company, Trinity Industries, and…

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Eleven Two Feature

Eleven Two – One WWII Airman’s story of capture, survival and freedom

I received a warning through my radio headset that enemy fighters were spotted at 3:00 high headed straight for our plane. In the next instant, three single-seat German fighters were zooming around, hell bent on their hunt to zero in on our crippled B-17.
There was no time to avoid their concentrated attack. Flying at blazing speeds of 200 mph, the enemy FW-190s were quickly in my range of vision and I opened fire…

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Trail Life USA

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Mercy Ministry Online

As a new start-up, one of your biggest tasks is to let others know you exist. To help establish a new identity, we worked closely with Mercy Ministry Online to develop a brand identity, logo system, color guides and an overview brochure.

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Infinity Custom Homes

Infinity Custom Homes is a premier home builder in the Pittsburgh area. Our initial work with Infinity was to build a custom selection center website where each customer could browse, select, and save details for their home.

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