Discovery Workshop Pricing

A little bit of discovery can go a long way.

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You know something needs done, but what?

Determine Your Next Steps Without Busting Your Budget.

You know you need to do something. Your website is out-of-date, your sales team has been requesting new sales materials, and you believe that an updated brand would help. Where do you start and how much will all of this cost?

With a simple investment, our Discovery Workshop will help you plan your next step, deliver a project brief & overview, and provide an estimated budget for every project that we discuss. 

Discovery Workshop Pricing

Uncover your next steps with your branding, printed materials, and your website.

In-Person or remote Workshop

One-time Fee


In-Person Workshop:

We love opportunities to meet our clients in person. If you are local to the Pittsburgh, PA area, our initial interview and final presentation of our report and discussion will be in person. Meeting this way is our preferred method for our discovery workshop. This allows us the opportunity to personally understand your company and objectives.

Remote Workshop:

In today's e-connected world, location isn't an issue. Our remote workshop will also cover everything that our in-person workshop covers through phone/video conference calls.

  • Discovery

    We'll discuss your pain points, needs, and goals. Not only is this the first step, but this is also the most important step to provide an accurate report and recommendations.

  • Research

    We take our notes and thoughts from our initial meeting and begin an in-depth look at your industry, market, and potential solutions.

  • Confirmation

    We will confirm our initial research & discovery and present an initial report where we begin to discuss potential solutions and what we have discovered in our research.

  • Final Report

    We will present a full report of our research and solutions including project scope, timing and your investment for each recommendation.  At the end of our meeting, we will talk about how we can help you with your next steps.

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