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ArmorHand Protective Gloves® is a patented veterinarian glove designed to protect the animal handler and help prevent serious injury.

The market for protective gloves was stale and ArmorHand’s new glove was a revolutionary approach to this product segment, delivering a durable, glove that allowed for a larger range of dexterity and feeling while handling animals. Working together we developed a brand that appealed to veterinarians, the main target audience, and other professions that handled animals and required protection and the ability to properly care for the animals that they were handling. Our branding also extended to the glove design, allowing brand colors and the overall look and feel of the gloves to be an extension of ArmorHand’s brand at each of their distributors.

ArmorHand’s website design was tailored to their slogan, “More Feels. Less Force.” Overall their traffic has steadily increased to several hundred unique visits each week and they receive regular inquiries about their gloves and how they can be purchased. We help maintain their website and continually revise content to be up-to-date and to meet their marketing needs.

Client Testimonial:

"Working with Werle Creative has been the best decision I made to grow my business. Mark is detail-oriented and reliable. His vision and creativity in designing my Brand & Website surpassed my expectations. He has had a huge impact on building my Brand and growing my business. Our recent update to our website decreased our load time by 60% providing a better, faster, and more efficient user experience. I am extremely grateful to work with Werle Creative. Truly an outstanding and professional company. "

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